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Paper Blossom Sakura Parasol Umbrella

Paper Blossom Sakura Parasol Umbrella
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Our Official Blossom shaped Sakura Paper Parasol also known as a Paper Umbrellas are a traditional way to walk and view the cherry blossoms under the sun. This elegantly inexpensive gift is a great way to provide your guests with needed shade but also offer a beautiful and fun way to dress up any "Pink Tie" event. Our paper umbrellas have been used in traditional Japanese weddings. The matron of honor would cover the bride with a paper umbrella upon arrival to ward off evil spirits. Purple umbrellas are a symbol of longevity for elders, while white umbrellas are used in funerals. Oil-paper umbrellas are also used as props in Japanese traditional dances and tea ceremonies.

Built from Bamboo and Rice Paper, these are a great "Green" decorating choice and can be hung upside-down as decoration too. These 32" size versions are best for adults.

Guest and kids will love these as Wedding Favors or as DIY Paper Parasol backdrops.

Product Specifications:

Color: Cherry Blossom w/ Black Ring
Diameter: 32 inches Diameter
Length, Top to Bottom: 22.5 inches Length
Materials: Paper, Bamboo
Sun Ultra Violet Protection: Yes
Sheer/Transparent: Only Allows Some Light Through
Covered Center Hub: Covered Center Top/Hub
Best Size For: Adults

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