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Murasaki Amerikahanazuou Sakura Blossom Tree

Murasaki Amerikahanazuou Sakura Blossom Tree
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The Murasaki Amerikahanazuou (Also known as Amai Rika Hana Suho, Komyo, redbud) Beginning in April pink magenta flowers bloom on the previous year growth. The unique branch pattern of this Spring flowering tree spread horizontally. The graceful arching branches look lovely as a specimen tree, in groupings, and in shrub borders. The plants do well in soils of moderate to low fertility and are very drought resistant.

Our Sakura blossom seedlings can thrive in Southern Michigan to Central Mexico. It can be seen in specimen gardens throughout California, and far north as Ontario; roughly corresponding to USDA hardiness zone 6b. The Murasaki Amerikahanazuou can be seen in the finest gardens in Southern Hokkaido-Okinawa the second largest Island in Japan.

The bark of the Sakura blossom has been used to treat wooping cough, fever, congestion, and vomiting in Herbal medicine.

Please note we do not ship to Canada and Shipping to California is at your own risk.

Please note Trees leaves may arrive yellow and falling off in late August to November. This is normal during Autumn.

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