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Snow Goose Flowering Cherry Tree Seedling

Snow Goose Flowering Cherry Tree Seedling
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The Snow Goose (Snowgoose, Oriental Cherry) Japanese Cherry tree is a hybrid between Prunus speciosa (Oshima Cherry) and Prunus incisa (Fuji Cherry, The Bride). The Snow Goose is a relatively small tree and has extremely pretty snow white flowers with a delicate fragrance. The Corolla (Flower Petals) center features a light shade of green five pointed star that transitions to pure white. The balanced and refreshing.

Japanese Snow Goose cherry trees can be seen in Memorial Gardens throughout the world. The Snow Goose is believed to symbolize the purity of life, connection, strength and ancestry. The pure white flowers represent spiritual enlightenment that lies beyond the north wind.

The Snowgoose grows to approximately 25 feet tall. It has upright growth that spreads to about 15 feet as it matures. This hardy, disease and insect resistant variety is more tolerant of urban pollution than other Japanese ornamentals. The tree is suitable for most soil types, but requires free draining soil as does not tolerate constant water logging. Planting on a hill with a slight slope is fine. Many landscapers is flat table locations create a mound and place the Snow Goose on top.

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